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Gary Carpenter: "the scoring was quite interesting - harmonica, bassoon, violins, recorders, pulsating tom-toms, African thumb piano, multi-tracked Nordic lyre - the same Nordic lyre - not Celtic harp - you see me play at Burrowhead]. Britt's singing on the film was voiced by Rachel Verney but a version was recorded by Lesley Mackie [Daisy in the film] which was intended for LP release [the difference in tonal quality is minimal, but Lesley was the more secure"

Uses one line from Martin Said To His Man (Every stroke a bucketful.)

From Nuada, Vol 3: “Fragments of Willow’s song, composed by Paul Giovanni, are actually gleaned from the fairy tale, ‘Three Heads In A Well.’ … based on George Peele's The Old Wives Tale, a beautiful girl “goes to the well to draw up a bucket full of water and instead hauls up a severed head which sings to her: Fair Maiden, white and red, Coombe me smooth and stroke my head, And thou shalt have some cockell bread.” (Cockell bread was made as a love charm or aphrodisiac.)

There is also an instrumental version of it done by the band available on the Silva Screen website at one point. Here it is on YouTube. It was thought that "this version was recorded in the 1970s for Giovanni's aborted album. This is, however, unconfirmed." (Declan McCafferty)


(From the Creetown website)

Heigh ho. Who is there?

No one but me, my dear.

Please come say, How do?

The things I'll give to you.

A stroke as gentle as a feather

I'll catch a rainbow from the sky

And tie the ends together.

Heigh ho. I am here.

Am I not young and fair?

Please come say, How do?

The things I'll show to you.

Would you have a wond'rous sight

The midday sun at midnight?

Fair maid, white and red,

Comb you smooth and stroke your head


How a maid can milk a bull!

And every stroke a bucketful. 



Director's Cut

Theatrical version

Final Cut

Omits the  "I'll catch a rainbow from the sky, And tie the ends together." and the "How a maid can milk a bull! And every stroke a bucketful." lines.

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