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Gary Carpenter: "the scoring was quite interesting - harmonica, bassoon, violins, recorders, pulsating tom-toms, African thumb piano, multi-tracked Nordic lyre - the same Nordic lyre - not Celtic harp - you see me play at Burrowhead]. Britt's singing on the film was voiced by Rachel Verney but a version was recorded by Lesley Mackie [Daisy in the film] which was intended for LP release [the difference in tonal quality is minimal, but Lesley was the more secure"

Uses one line from Martin Said To His Man (Every stroke a bucketful.)

From Nuada, Vol 3: “Fragments of Willow’s song, composed by Paul Giovanni, are actually gleaned from the fairy tale, ‘Three Heads In A Well.’ … based on George Peele's The Old Wives Tale, a beautiful girl “goes to the well to draw up a bucket full of water and instead hauls up a severed head which sings to her: Fair Maiden, white and red, Coombe me smooth and stroke my head, And thou shalt have some cockell bread.” (Cockell bread was made as a love charm or aphrodisiac.)


(From the Creetown website)

Heigh ho. Who is there?

No one but me, my dear.

Please come say, How do?

The things I'll give to you.

A stroke as gentle as a feather

I'll catch a rainbow from the sky

And tie the ends together.

Heigh ho. I am here.

Am I not young and fair?

Please come say, How do?

The things I'll show to you.

Would you have a wond'rous sight

The midday sun at midnight?

Fair maid, white and red,

Comb you smooth and stroke your head


How a maid can milk a bull!

And every stroke a bucketful. 



Director's Cut

Theatrical version

Final Cut

Omits the  "I'll catch a rainbow from the sky, And tie the ends together." and the "How a maid can milk a bull! And every stroke a bucketful." lines.

Silva Screen

Trunk Records

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