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Cinefantastique: "The only song in Shaffer's screenplay that was retained was "The Ram of Derby" which Cilento and Lee actually sing. (Wrong - The Ram of Darby is not heard in the movie but a line from it is referred to in Willow's song.) "The song was much longer and was to be three verses, with the whole scene to be built around it, but it was towards the end of shooting, and when it came to do it, we thought it was too long. And whole chunks were thrown out at beginning and end. It doesn't make too much sense in the film -- it's too elaborate and unsubtle a gag, all sexual imagery. And to make it work would have required more time. If I had known it would work out that way, I would have written something smaller."

Creetown Scotland site calls it THE MAIDEN AND THE TINKER.

See Christopher Lee sing it in the Critic's Choice interview!

Recorded live according to Gary Carpenter. (The studio recording, a separate performance, has additional verses...) "The vocals for Tinker are the same for both cd and film and were recorded on set with the piano fed to the actors via earpieces. The piano part was re-recorded for the cd. We didn't have the original piano recording to work with. In those pre-computer days it was a bit of a faff!" - Gary, Facebook Wicker Man group, Jan 6, 2016.


There was a tinker lived of late, who walked the streets of Rye. He bore his pack upon his back, patches and plugs did cry. Oh I have brass within my bag,  my hammer's full of metal. And as to skill I weld can plugs  and mend a broken kettle

A maiden did this tinker meet  and to him boldly say Oh sure my kettle hath much need, if you will pass my way. She took the tinker by the hand and led him to her door. Says she, my kettle I will show and you can clout it sure.

Chorus For patching and plugging is his delight

(interrupted by Howie as he throws the hare next to Miss Rose)

Continuation as Howie leaves. Summmerisle sings this verse.

Fair maid says he, your kettle's cracked, The cause is plainly told. There hath so many nails been drove, That mine own could not take hold.  


Director's Cut

1:13, V1, V2, C, pause, V3

Theatrical version and Final Cut

:44, V2, C, pause, V3

Silva Screen

No pause and an additional verse not heard in the movie.

1:52, V1, V2, C, (no pause) V3, V4, C

Trunk Records

:44, V2, C, pause, V3

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