The sign for the pub .


Harvest festival photographs.

1972 (with Rowan's face , with Lesley Mackie's face ), unknown year

Liquor behind the bar

MacKinley’s Old Scotch whiskey

Smirnoff Vodka

Windjammer Demerara rum

Martell (blue crest) upside down and small bottles to the left

Table Bay something

Mateus in upper left hand corner

Black and White whiskey

Dewar’s Scotch (upside down) white label but not sure if that is the kind…

Cossack Vodka (lower right hand shelf)

Mortlach’s Scotch whiskey (upsidedown to the left of the door in the middle)

Remy Martin to the left.

Palace to the left.

bar/eating area behind bar

Something Special whiskey

Most people are drinking whiskey in the first scene at the Green Man. Man in white shirt and tie with a cigarette has a dark beer. 

Willow brings Howie a beer… Doesn’t look as dark as the other guy’s. (Ale?)

After the orgy, the man in the white shirt still has his beer.

As they sing Gently Johnny, we see two beers and two whiskeys on the table. Another shot of a couple closer to the bar shows two beers on the railing. 

The only other alcohol I see is during the courtyard scene. One woman in a dark dress, seated at a table, hoists a beer (not too dark, Ale?). A jovial man offers Oak a beer as he see-saws (not dark, ale?) A man who’s looking at a girl has a ale. The harbor master has an ale.