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This is  one of my favorite sections. First we hear a fiddle tune w/electric guitar and organ. Then we hear a little of the children's rhyme "baa baa black sheep. Then Drowsy Maggie (aka Toss the Feathers?) on fiddle and flute. The there is Robertson's Rant as boat is sighted and searched. We then hear Drowsy Maggie on organ with guitar lead improvisation, with bent notes as he searches coffin maker. Then into a lead guitar tune as we return to the hobby and courtyard tune #5 (This tunes sounds familiar. Is it a pop tune from the 60s/70s? A trad tune?) Cinefantastique mentions: "we (who?) play a lot of Scottish jigs against it (the electric guitar), and it works a lot better." I don't know who is saying this.

Cinefantastique article "There's a little bit of an electric guitar in the sequence where the villagers all play tricks on Howie, and the hide-and-seek with the Hobby Horse, but we play a lot of Scottish jigs against it, and it works a lot better."

From Gary Carpenter: "Howie's last-minute search for Rowan uses largely traditional Scottish folk music, particularly the Strathspey 'Robertson's Rant', although we use the Irish variant of the reel 'Drowsy Maggie' (2?)."

After leaving May Morrison’s, and Howie’s “Heathens, bloody heathens” line we hear (aka on the Silva Screen CD):


All are variations on this medley:

1- 1st theme on the fiddle w/ gtr and organ (Giovanni)

2- Baa Baa Black Sheep 

3- Drowsy Maggie on fiddle and discordant recorder - short 

4- Drowsy Maggie again 

5- Robertson’s Rant 

6- Drowsy Maggie, w/ e gtr, organ 

7- 1st theme again

Director's Cut, 2:59 w/ pauses

1 (2x), 2, 3, pause, 4, 5, 6, pause, 7 

Theatrical version, 2:56 w/ pauses

 1 (2x), 2, 3, pause, 4 (shorter), 5, 6, pause, 7

Final Cut, ,2:56 w/ pauses

1 (2x), 2, 3, pause, 4 (shorter), 5, 6, pause, 7

Silva Screen

Called Searching for Rowan, 2:22

1 (2x), 2, 3 (short), no pause, no #4, 5, 6, slight pause, 7

Trunk Records

Called Searching for Rowan, 2:20

1 (2x), 2, 3 short, no pause, no #4, 5, 6, slight pause, 7

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