Full scripts

There are at least three scripts online. There are at least these 7 versions: the original, and "amendments dated as follows: 14 October, 18 October, 19 October, 26 October, 6 November and 7 November." (Calculated Risks: Film Finances and British Independents in the 1970s by Justin Smith)

- From Drews Script-o-rama, the Director's Cut.

- Shaffer's screenplay as a downloadable pdf. 142 scenes. This has scene numbers and some, but not all, of the scenes that were never shot.

- Ingrid Pitt's original script. 147 scenes. This is the most complete version so far. Similar to Shaffer's screenplay except for the cast lists and scenes 1-5 through- 1-1.

Additionally, both are exactly the same after that, up to page 115 after the Howie line “You dressed me as a Fool?”  On page 117 of the Shaffer script it picks up at the Four flambeaux carriers… which is on page 116 of the Pitt script. The text is slightly different on each script after that and picks up at “Nuada, might god of the Sun.” on the same pages of each script.

It continues to be the same until page 119 of the Shaffer script and 118 of the Pitt script where they diverge again. They seem to be the same again at the “O God, whose nature… “part and then they both slightly differ until the end.

See also Steve P's "portions filmed but never used" page for various script additions.

Production materials

- Cover of "release script".

"The cover page to the final edit and continuity script for the released version of TWM. It matches scene numbers to action and sound, as well as the reel numbers and physical length of the film per scene. Running time is given as 1 hour and 28 minutes." - Fintan Coyle, Facebook Wicker Man group, 9/2/13.

- A page from a script. The scene where Lord Summerisle gives Ash to Willow.

- "Camera script", sacrifice at end. Another short excerpt of the same scene but later on. This is from the final edit and continuity script as mentioned above.

- Script: churchyard after schoolhouse visit.

- Script: Myrtle's room (missing scene)

- Script: digging up Rowan's grave and the hare being thrown onto the floor at Lord Summerisle's castle.

- The scene in the schoolroom as shown on the editor's script showing layout of the classroom and camera positions

- An editing or camera script for the scene where Howie brings in the hare in Rowan's grave. (Scene 89)

- Post-production script (for sale, only $2,600! Info says running time is 86 minutes. They also think this is "one of the earliest printed continuities, if not the first."). This is an edit and continuity script for the released version of TWM. 

A "camera"/editing script.