See Steve P's site for more info about scenes, dialogue and some pics. Also see this chart that shows what scenes were shot and what were not. More pics will be found below.

Unknown scene where man rides bicycle across the causeway in Plockton while another man plays Jew's Harp.

Mary Golan, a resident of Plockton, adds this info: (Alistair ) said that he and another guy, Iain Mackenzie (who passed away last November (2016)) spent I think, 3 mornings filming this scene and that Iain was riding a bike.  This was the scene where Alisdair walked across the causeway playing a Jew's harp.

In the greenhouse and the experimental orchard

Inside the Green Man

Howie at the hairdresser's during the house search

At Holly Grimmond's

Librarian bath scenes


Interview with the man who was supposed to jump off the bridge in the mainland, on The Ex:S Wicker Man, a Scottish BBC documentary, 9:33 in (cued up).

Pictures include a swan in the river, the bridge the man was supposed to jump off of, the maninland pub and the prostitute.

Howie confronting May and Myrtle with Holly's clothes