(Based on and used with permission from the site which was written circa mid-2000s.)

See also Andy Taylor's location footage from 2000.

Port Logan Botanic Gardens - See this map (pdf) for locations.

These gardens are located near the town of Port Logan and can be reached 14 miles south of Stranraer. Like other Wicker man locations, the gardens lie on the Gulf Stream which enables tropical plant life to prosper here.

The gardens served as Lord Summerisle's experimental orchard for filming of The Wicker Man. Much of the footage filmed here, Lord Summerisle's extensive talk on apples, did not make it to any existing cut of the film. Ultimately, the gardens feature in a few brief shots in the film.

Of the footage that remained in the movie, Lord Summerisle and Sergeant Howie terminate their conversation at the veranda of the walled garden.

Scene by scene:

There are two shots looking up at the plane as it flies over the village look like they were shot at Logan but we have no evidence of this. (Note the scene as Seamus Flannery is credited.)

The next scenes are when Howie and Lord Summerisle walk in the garden. The first shot has Howie walking by himself down a slight incline. A brick wall is in the background. It is probably #6 on the map, the Chusan Palm Avenues.

Then there is a shot of Howie and LS walking in a palm tree allee in the background and a man bent over, working on a plant in the foreground. That appears to be to the left, as you face the Verandah, roughly at #23. I don’t see the stones and large pots along the path in contemporary pics though. (See this pic.)

The next shot we see is from the Verandah of Howie and LS approaching it. That’s #5. (See this pic.)

Wicker Man Locations - Port Logan-1
Wicker Man Locations - Port Logan

These other shots got cut from the movie:

Howie and LS in front of a wall with distinctive stone edging. The wall top isn’t even and has an edge too. Is that by #3 (Castle Balzieland)? Some think it may be by the garden entrance, inside of E, F?

This shot of Howie and LS in front of another distinctive layered wall. Somewhere near #20?
Ew and cl in garden

These last two are against a wall but too hard to pinpoint where. Maybe along 20 too.


The gardens opening times are between 1 March-31 October from 10am. The gardens close at 5pm during March and October and 6pm from April until September. Admission is £3.50 for adults and £1 for children.Family tickets can be bought for £8.50. These prices are correct at the time of writing (mid-2000s).

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