General Information

We hear two tunes (aka “Hobby” on the Silva Screen CD) - last chaotic bit? 

1) Fiddle and flutes (by Giovanni)

2) Once inside courtyard familiar sword dance tune on fiddle (Ten Penny Bit - traditional)

3) and then musical chaos before Summerisle's speech.

Cinefantastique article - "There's a little bit of an electric guitar in the sequence where the villagers all play tricks on Howie, and the hide-and-seek with the Hobby Horse, but we play a lot of Scottish jigs against it, and it works a lot better."

Ten Penny Bit is also often used as the music for longsword dancing in U.S. and is a popular Ceilidh tune in the UK.


Director's Cut

Theatrical version

Final Cut

Silva Screen

Trunk Records

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