Nuada, The Wicker Man Journal - Gail Ashurst. Produced 3 issues (November 1998, August 1999, April 2000)

Dave Lally's map of Summerisle

Trading cards

Wicker Man Appreciation Society

4 autographs (Julie Cadzow, "a villager"; Ingrid Pitt "the librarian"; "Sincerely Edward Woodward"; and Roy Boyd (Broome), Lindsay Kenp's autograph

Several autographs from Raye Brown, whose mother, Olive Mcdonald, worked on the film as a seamstress. (1, 2, 3, 4.)

An autograph from Edward Woodward given to a nurse. Shooting of the scene at the chemists' had to be stopped so she could get an emergency prescription!

Some T-shirts and a pillow painted for a fan.

Sing-along-a-Wicker Man events! (and a chant-along version!)

Scratch 'n Sniff Wicker Man! 10 scents on a card you rub off at certain scenes!

Nice T-shirts for sale... Another here. (May Day Festival 1973)

Some beer/ales named after TWM.

Wicker Man tea, yes, tea.

Pieces of the actual Wicker Men: David Lally's sent to Christopher Lee. 1, 2,3.

A Firefox browser Wicker Man theme add-on!